Hi, welcome to my personal website. My name is Stu Kay and I've been tattooing in Toronto, Canada for over 25 years.
Here are a few examples of my work. I do a lot of blackwork and portraits but appreciate all subject matter. Custom artwork or freehand is not a problem.

You can bring me finished art, which can be reproduced, or have something custom created.

For custom artwork, I will need some pictures, sketches or ideas on paper to work from. I can draw the source art if required. A small deposit may be required to get started.

To get more information, contact me through the shops listed here or directly stuk@tattoos.com

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Lower Eastside Tattoo was started in 1986 by Stu Kay. Shortly thereafter in 1990 Stu started Abstract Arts Tattoo

In 1995, Stu and Damian McGrath founded Tattoos.com.

Three years later Northern Ink Xposure was born in 1998.

In 2011 Stu along with other professional tattoo artists and collectors decided to form a tattoo association. In 2012 The Ontario Tattoo Association was officially granted non-profit status in Canada.

The Greater Toronto and Ontario Tattoo Association

Follow the GTTA and OTA online at torontotattoo.com and ontariotattoo.com
and on facebook.

The vote to start licensing tattoo establishments in City of Toronto is set foe November 19 2012 at City Hall in Toronto. Stay updated at ontariotattoo.com

The OTA and GTTA Is currently seeking anyone interested in getting involved in any way.
If you do tattoos, are involved in the tattoo business in any way or just plain love tattoos. the OTA and GTTA NEEDS YOU. And you need the OTA and GTTA, Show your ink, show your support. Keep Toronto AND Ontario beautiful!

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Stu Kay

To talk to Stu or book a free consultation check out the following links:



You can also contact him
thru the phone through the numbers listed below.


(416) 267-7300

(416) 261-8888


(416) 504-8288